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  • support@voiceport.co.uk

How it Works

CountryLocal Access Number
United Kingdom +44 207 078 8173
Germany +49 693 339 9613

How it works?

It works on phone, web as well as mobile. You can enjoy savings; make high quality calls with easy dialing. You have to sign up first and register yourself as a member of Voiceport. You will be given specific account number along with PIN.

Ez Web?

Step # 1: After logging into your account, go to 'Launch Web Phone' at the bottom of your 'My Account Page'.

Step # 2: Just dial the desired number with destination code and enjoy your call without any worries.

Ez Access?

Step # 1: If you are using phone or mobile, then start by dialing your national access number.

Step # 2: You will be asked to verify your account number with PIN, in case your number is not registered into CLI.

Step # 3: Next, dial the international code followed by number you wish to call and start talking!

It is very important to remember that in mobile calling, DO NOT press 'Send' or 'OK' or 'CALL' after dialing the number you are calling, just dial the number and wait for your call to get redirected.

Ez App?

Step # 1: Download Voiceport application from Apple or Play Store

Step # 2: Type in your login and password and press Enter

Step # 3: Start dialling your desired numbers of loved ones and enjoy crystal clear voice experience