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 Pay Less, Tell More.

Voiceport makes saving money easy. You only have to pay a mere fraction of what you are charged through your home or mobile service provider.  There are no subscription charges, expiration dates or monthly fees associated with any account. We strive to deliver best rates and are always working hard to keep our rate sheet up to the mark.

Use it from any phone, any carrier.

It doesn't matter if you want to call from landline, Smartphone, mobile or cell, you can always make international calls without any restrictions. It has been ensured that all the calls from any medium will be charged on same low rates as mentioned on website. However, you will never compromise on quality of any call. 

Online Account Management

You will have comfort of managing your activities online, from making calls to maintaining entire phonebook. You can view your calling history, credit details, register numbers and most importantly add funds through your credit card. Online account management is a useful tools for those who prefer maintaining call logs in their busy life. You can change your account settings and also refer friends for bonus calling minutes through there.

Call Forwarding

No one wants to miss their incoming calls even when they are busy in work, unavailable or don't want to answer. This is why we give this feature to forward your calls at your mobile or landline number. You can avail it as soon as you register with Voiceport.